Opened in 1991, Gymnasium 2000 -Health and Joy Club is a sports cooperative which employs 10 Instructors and has 300 students. It offers courses in Martial Arts, Medical Gymnastics, Self-Defence, Tai Chi Ch'uan, Kung-Fu, Fitness and Swimming. Special Projects for the Third Age are also carried out.

Still affiliated to an International Association named Life Quality Project International, the gymnasium organizes courses in Italy and abroad and is the National Headquarter of ILMAS and of the Mastering Power Fighting Self Defence School. Mastering Power Fighting is a method patented by Master Luigino Iobbi. The Association has sporting, recreational, scientific, anthropological, cultural and social purposes and aims at helping the physical, psychological and energetic evolution of man.

 The Association promotes recreational, therapeutic and sporting activities and operates in all sectors related to well-being and life quality improvement, by combining Western and Oriental traditional knowledge and modern technologies.

Its goals are:

a) promoting, coordinating and spreading didactic courses (also through books and videos produced by the School) and developing studies, research, knowledge and experiences concerning various competitive and non-competitive sporting disciplines,introspection and meditative techniques;

b) giving a substantial contribution to the improvement of people's physical, mental and aesthetic health and to quality of life enhancement, by the use of curative practices, also with the support of medical personnel;

c) sensitizing and involving young, adult and elderly people in practices suitable for all ages, which also have a social, ludic and formative meaning. 


In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, the Association carries out an intense activity, also in collaboration with other sporting and non-sporting entities, individuals or groups, both foreign and Italian, without any ethnic or political distinctions. The association's activities are both in Italy and abroad and consist in: technical/practical courses, seminars, debates, publications and videos, shows. The Association has branches in Italy and abroad and has the intent of spreading its message, promoting its activities and contributing to the physical, psychological and energetic evolution of man.