All activities at Iobbi Luigino's Martial Arts School (ILMAS) are aimed at improving the lives of its students.

Practitioners are trained according to sound principles and by the use of specific methods for physical, mental and energetic growth.

The school offers specific training programs for children and youngsters, adults and the elderly and remains faithful to the real origins of martial arts, considering them to be a way of preserving one's health and guaranteeing one's safety, of increasing self-esteem and learning to manage one's emotions rather than something to be used in fighting or shown in performances, as an end in itself.  

Unfortunately, both so-called "exterior" (based on physical development and fighting) and "internal" martial arts  (Taiji Quan, Yoga, etc.) have nowadays lost their real meaning and value. This is why at ILMAS we use traditional training methods, but at the same time we intend to project ourselves into modernity, using today's tools and philosophies, thus adapting to a context which is very different from that of 1,500 years ago.

All my gratitude goes to my Shi Fu, Angelo D'Aria, for guiding me towards the true knowledge of Kung-Fu and Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan and for the priceless material he passed on to me, which has added immense value to my professional training and has once and for all turned me away from the falsehood and mediocrity that unfortunately characterizes this sector nowadays. I am also grateful to my Students, Instructors and Collaborators who faithfully follow me and passionately cooperate with me, guaranteeing the quality of my work.

I carry in my heart "the Teaching" of my Mentor and Spiritual Master Alfredo Offidani to whom I owe the quality of the man I am today! I project myself into the future, being aware that there is still much to learn!