Mastering Power Fighting is a combination of Oriental disciplines combined with current methods of self defense. This winning mix, available to everyone, is a patented system that guarantees effectiveness. Mastering Power Fighting system is the result of many years of studying martial arts, but mostly it is the result of studying under my own Master who has guided me for twenty years in profound ways. In truth he is not a master of martial arts, his value is much greater than any one area, but I was able to use his teachings in my professional life and over time I developed this system. When I met my Teacher I practiced Kung-Fu and from the very beginning he pushed me to view life in a complete, functional way. This carried over into my professional life; martial-arts. The Mastering Power Fighting system carries with it a message (to anyone who is receptive) that can drive people to reflect upon themselves and to rediscover the innate need to grow and evolve. The Mastering Power Fighting method, with its specific system of self-defense, aims to enter the 21st century reminding those who practice it to set priorities: to acquire wealth and to be positive, to emphasize physical, intellectual and spiritual growth - all of which will enhance themselves and the community. The Mastering Power Fighting system was created for self-defense purposes. In other words, it is a complete method that teaches self-defense in a short amount of time. Students learn how to control emotions, how to develop the proper mental attitude to avoid confrontation and what to do in hypothetical dangerous situations. Most of all, the human body is studied: where and how it can be hit, and what are the consequences of the trauma. The instructors use a direct method that is easy to learn for students of all ages. The levels of the courses go from simple self-defense to complicated combat techniques meant specifically for the armed forces. This system of self-defense is for men and women and is made up of several levels of preparation and allows students to concentrate only on protecting themselves without spending years and years studying martial arts in which they have little interest. The Mastering Power Fighting method is primarily based on teaching how to protect one’s safety. It is a physical skill which is scientifically directed to self-defense but maintains undercurrents of the ancient spirit of martial arts – the traditions that are the pillars of the Mastering Power Fighting system. Ultimately it can guide the participant on the path of self awareness.