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Health & Self-Defence for the Elderly Project


Because it is our duty to help them fight psycho-physical decay, be more autonomous and aware by providing them the necessary tools for safeguarding themselves.


 Mastering Power Light for the Third Age:


Technical- practical methods for the psycho-physical well-being of the elderly and Self-Defence Training for the Third Age.


The methods of Mastering Power Light are studied to be applied to the Third Age, with special attention to the needs  and abilities of elderly practitioners. The goal of Mastering Power Light is to improve the practitioner's psychophysical condition, in order to allow them to react alertly to all the situations where Attention and Presence are essential. While Mastering Power Light helps to form a strong and competent personality in young people, the main goal of this method for the elderly is to restore an inner state of well-being, relaxation and concentration so as to ensure better neuro-motor coordination and correct application of basic Self-defence techniques.

As far as elderly people are concerned, Self-Defence is specifically related to Empowerment, because elderly age is the phase of life in which individuals most need to strengthen and protect themselves, first of all from a psychological point of view, by becoming aware of their inner "power": exercises from Qi Gong and Tai Chi Ch'uan will be very useful for this purpose.

The perception of life energy in a state of calmness and lucidity, combined with adequate physical training, tailored on elderly people's needs and problems. The Self-Defence techniques are completed by theoretical integrations on various issues regarding legal aspects of Self-Defence (articles 52 and 53 of the Penal Code) or psychological aspects. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the physical and psychological changes which take place in the Third Age and make it easier for the elderly person to be subjected to abuse and deception.

The isolation in which many older people are forced to live increases the danger of assault: awareness of risks is the best prevention tool for preserving one's safety. While preventing the assault is the most important goal for a Mastering Power Light practitioner, the older person will also be trained to respond effectively and quickly to danger, using the Self-Defence techniques most suited to them. Mastering Power is available for all those who wish to increase their "power" to react.



This project takes on enormous importance if we consider that the population structure in developed countries has radically changed. The decline of birth rates and the increase of average life expectancy have determined rapid population aging. This demographic transition has led Italy to become one of the oldest countries in the world and among those with the lowest birth rate. Life expectancy estimates for 2002 in Italy confirm the growth of this indicator: 76,8 years for men and 82,9 for women. While this trend certainly represents a gain in terms of longevity, it also implies the fact that more people in the last phase of life risk disease and functional insufficiency. The risk of losing functional ability for the elderly is 4,5 times higher than for the under-65 and older people are subject to different degrees of motor, cognitive and fucntional disability which compromise their daily activities.

The aging process can be defined as the human organism's progressive disadaptation in responding to external and internal fluctuations and every factor that can compromise the older person's balance accelerates this process.

As a result, the less an individual is able to adapt their abilities to normal environmental fluctuations, the sooner they will "grow old".  The aging process is negatively affected by mechanical sedentary life.



If we consider that the striatal muscular system is responsible for 60% of the individual energy turnover, the important consequences of the reduction of muscle activity for a person's biological system are evident.

Muscular activity in aging people has not only proved to be a means of activating them, but also of stimulating their organs and functions. Therefore it does not only have therapeutic effects that are irreplaceable by any medication, but has a preventive value as well, because it can reduce the physiological decrease in adaptation abilities undergone by the organism.