Professional Mastering Power Fighting is studied for police corps and public and private security professionals. The martial arts techniques learned nowadays should permit the practitioner to face the challenge of defensive action in real life. When a practitioner must ensure citizens' safety professionally, the problem becomes even more complex.

The techniques used by security forces have to satisfy seemingly contrasting needs: the protection of citizens' rights and the maintenance of public order. Only the quality of the technical system and the instructors'talent ensure that security professionals are correctly and adequately prepared to the many dangers and high-tension situations they are forced to face on a daily basis. It is hard work, which is not always done by competent personnel. In fact, as far as private coprs are concerned, they are not often recognized by state legislation and this leads them to work with little preparation, which always causes more or less serious accidents.


At the same time, public security professionals, are not given a psychological and technical training to face common street incidents. Yet the Police, the Local Police or Private defence agencies have to increasingly confront violence . Nowadays security professionals need to have preventive and defensive skills to cope with delicate operations in streets or in closed places. In fact they need to dissuade a potential assault at any time, to protect the community or the material they are responsible for, or to intervene in order to control dangerous individuals. Police officers and soldiers or bodyguards may need to cope with any kind of assault. The goal of Mastering Power Fighting is to teach them how to defend themselves and neutralize their aggressor, through several levels of training; they will then be able to preserve their safety while working and hand the criminal to authorities. Mastering Power is essentially tactic and strategic and is developed in accordance with legitimate defence criteria and corps legislation. When security professionals arrest an individual, they must always consider "just cause" criteria of legitimate defence. 


In order to neutralize an individual, there should be at least two agents, because security professionals avoid hitting high-risk body parts (head, throat, genitals), unlike criminals, who do not observe any rules. Balance between the two fighters must be ensured and there needs to be a colleague to support the officer's action. At the same time though, if it is not possible to block a criminal with pacific and harmless techniques, professionals should be guaranteed the chance to respond with decision and effectiveness, to protect their safety within the limits of the law. Therefore, if the aggressor is acting with the intention to kill, the police officer has the right to hit him in vital points for legitimate defence. A Mastering Power Fighting practitioner is specialized and knows all degrees of violence and harmfulness and will use them according to the situation, by hitting e.g. the head only in case of absolute necessity. During the training, we try to perfectly automatize all defence and attack techniques in relation to vital points, by learning how to control strength and modulate the use of the techniques.

If we feel that our opponent is not too aggressive, we eill avoid hitting vital points indicated in red and black

 and we will only hit ordinary points, in order to avoid a violent escalation, even though the agent is thus exposed to greater danger. The main goal for a professional is to be effective not only in hittling, but above all in decision-making. Relational and diplomatic skills are always more important than the power of a punch: the crucial objective is to avoid the conflict.


Unfortunately, nowadays agents are often not able to react or are incriminated for excessive self-defence. Some street-fights involve the use of knives or sticks and every kind of non-conventional strikes, some are against more than one opponent. The security professional must not only neutralize an aggressor, but also conclude the fight with searching and handcuffing; a much more delicate operation than a simple fist or kick. Mastering Power Fighting has been enriched by its practitioners' (both professionals and ordinary people) field experience. Each fighting corps needs a specific training for the field it operates in and the techniques taught in this method are very handy and designed to work in real-life situations, adapting to different missions and environments (cities, streets, discotheques). All of our techniques are based on very simple moves. When someone - whether a common person or a security professional- comes across an assault, he is in a state of stress and certainly loses a part of his abilities. In this kind of situation, the simplest automatic mechanisms go into action. If we aim a fist at a beginner, he will close his eyes and lower his head. On the contrary, if we pretend to hit a boxer, he will keep looking into our eyes while dodging the fist. This is an example of an automatism acquired through training.


Consequently, we develop a training made of small automatisms to protect ourselves in streets; a self-confident attitude is also developed with attention to stability, vital point protection, safety distance, ability to predict our opponent's intentions and so on. All of these abilities are necessary for anyone who wants to learn how defend themselves, but are vital to the members of the police force or military corps. This is why Mastering Power Fighting offers special psychological and technical training programs for security professionals, because higher skills and preparation are required in this field. The structure of the courses is tailored according to the type of military corps and the number of participants; in any case, programs lasting several years are also possible. The Police Force in Italy often have to cope with bloody situations without any tachincal or physical preparation. In fact, if we except some Special Corps (Anti-riot forces, NOCS, etc.), a substantial part of them have never attended specialization courses; many of them do not even have adquate physical preparation. Mastering Power Fighting can be the answer to the needs of those Military Corps that are often unprepared to cope with bloody fights, as well as of the Specialized Corps which are often trained only in some martial techniques.


Mastering Power Fighting is a rationally conceived scientific system for complete and definitive Self-defence training. It can also involve the use of a small stick (permitted in Italy only in some Anti-riot Corps and in Railway and Airport Police); the practitioner is trained not to cause unexpected serious consequences for aggressors, if possible. It is therefore important to study the anatomy and physiology of the human body, because such knowledge makes our practitioners aware of what a strike can cause in a specific point. At the same time, the effectiveness and precision of Mastering Power Fighting techniques allow professionals to get out of a fight unharmed. I think that all memebers of any Military Corps should be constantly and professionally trained, and as a result there would be more safety and fewer risks for citizens.