Women are undoubtedly more exposed to assault. Our culture makes it more difficult for women to be fulfilled in working and social life, because it represents and treats women as sex objects rather than human beings. If we add this to women's lesser physical strength, the outcome is that women are often subject to assault. Even a bag-snatcher will be more likely to attack a woman because he imagines she will have a weaker reaction.

If we exclude robbery attacks, which do not directly involve a psychological relationship between the victim and the aggressor, we can affirm that the danger a woman is most exposed to is sexual assault. Unfortunately, in 60% of the cases the victim has no reaction at all, not even after the aggression. They do not ask for help from friends or the police. Silence and ignorance are rapists'allies. Rapists' victims often choose silence for a number of reasons. The raped woman often feels guilty of the sex attack she was subjected to, paradoxically becoming an accomplice to it. Our society does not help victims to report the rape to the police, because the victim's acquaintances and the media get  morbidly interested in what happened; reporting the crime would mean that the woman's shame about her violated body would be added to her sexuality being divulged. The woman is haunted by doubts about whether her behaviour was related to the rape and nearly goes as far as justifying her aggressor. We also need to consider that the woman may fear not being believed in the interrogation and looking like an enticer.

Statistics confirm that it is easier for a woman to defend herself before being violated and prove her innocence for legitimate defence in a subsequent trial than to only defend herself in a trial. It is therefore important to be able to fight one's way out of an assault without any damage or, at least, with as little damage as possible. The first step in effective self defence is to REFUSE TO YIELD TO VIOLENCE. A woman should simply use the weapons which are most suited to her from a physical and psychological point of view. Simple techniques like kicks, elbow strikes, scratching and knees will have to be used with extreme determination and aimed at the aggressor's most exposed points; women also have remarkable psychological strength, which is most useful in warding off unpleasant experiences. Be ready to react with maximum effectiveness and determination if there is no other solution. In some cases, effectiveness and determination could mean pretending to be dominated by fear and to yield to the violence. All this has a precise purpose: when the victim appears to be subjugated to the rapist's wishes, the aggressor relaxes so much that he reduces his physical strength, thus increasing her chances of success. Absolutely DON'T HESITATE! When a woman is confident, any action coming from her body will be effective.


This video is intended to remind you that women have as much right to defend themselves as men do!