Shi Fu Luigino Iobbi


PROFESSIONAL PROFILE:  Graduated I.S.E.F. from l’Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica de L"Aquila (a school of higher learning in Physical Education.) Owner of Gymnasium 2000 – Health and Joy Club, a social sports club with 10 permanent instructors and approximately 300 members. Master of Martial Arts, Instructor of the following disciplines: Therapeutic Gymnastics, American Scientific Fighting, Self-Defense, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Kung-Fu, Fitness and Swimming. He conducts lessons in Italy and abroad for the international movement known as Life Quality Project International. The guiding principle of Prof. Iobbi is to fashion and train qualified individuals to teach the method of self-defense he has
developed, patented and named – Mastering Power Fighting – so that his techniques may spread throughout the world.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: At the age of 11 began practicing karate (wadoryu style), progressing to Kung-Fu in 1982, studying Wing Chun and Chang Chuan. In 1987 met and became a disciple of Life-Master Alfredo Offidani, whose profound teachings remain a source of constant guidance and benefit both on a human level (esoteric and practical) and also professionally. That same year became associated with "Life Quality Project International" an association that operates throughout the world to improve quality of life and develop harmony among people.
Since then has participated in all the seminars organized by LQPI that guarantee continued, up to date improvements in therapeutic areas such as Shiatsu, Massage methods of Thailand, Qi Gong,Tao exercises for health and longevity, Flower therapy (Bach, Californian, Psychosomatic) and Gem Therapy. In 1987 met the Argentinean Master Si Fu Al Khan and was given the chance to perfect Kung-Fu, Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qi Gong.
Prof. Iobbi has achieved the fifth level of the IRECA Method: a concentration on reactivating the Centers of Energy and the use of Cosmic Energy for therapeutic purposes. Authorized instructor of Perfect Shape (through Dynamic System) the easiest, quickest system to achieve muscle strength and perfect symmetry of the body, qualified to teach exercise activities to middle and high schools. In the past few years has learned Tai Chi (Yang style) with Master Andrea Capriotti and is a student of Kung-Fu style "Praying Mantis of the Seven Stars" with Master Angelo D’aria, a world renowned instructor who studied under the Grand Master Chen Le Pin.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES:  From 1996 has held courses of Mastering Power Fighting for the local Police, the Coast Guard, prison guards and the Carabinieri.- Gives frequent lessons and exhibitions both in Italy and abroad at various locations of the Life Quality Project International.- Held courses in "Perfect Shape" at Giulianova (TE) Milan, and Germany and also for prisoners at a maximum security prison – Casa Circondariale di Ascoli Piceno.- In 2003 – 2004 has participated twice at the Festival of Fitness in Rimini in the area of "HEALTHNESS" and once was part of the Festival of Fitness "SPORT TIME" at Foggia, always with great success.- Every year organizes the national convention of Martial Arts, instructors of Mastering Power and Tai Chi.- Originated and promotes the project "Health and Defense of the Elderly" specifically oriented toward Motor Activities, MPF, Perfect Shape, Tai Chi Ch’uan and Taoist Exercises aimed at the elderly to improve independence, defense in case of aggression, and finally gives them a system to combat stress and the loss of energy related to age.

ARTICLES AND TELEVISION APPEARANCES:  From 1997 through today has appeared in the following newspapers: "Il Messaggero" "Il Tempo" and "Il Centro." Magazines such as "Silhoutte" "Donna" and "Viver Sani & Belli." Television appearances on Italian TV, Rai Uno, Rai Tre, and Retequattro. The media often writes and interviews Prof. Iobbi concerning events and courses organized by the Professor.